Busy —

Man, I remember I wanted to actually start making more posts or something since I upgraded the site, but that hasn’t happened. I’ve been busy with schoolwork for all this aero engineering stuff like 14+ hours a day and I don’t have time to deal with my shitty website that freezes all the time and nobody reads. Also if you know why my Apache freezes all the time and stops responding please let me know, I got nothing. The server itself is rock solid at least, up since Dec 19, 2014, the last time the power went out here.

I guess I stream a bit still, link to my Twitch channel is on the left. I want to like, do something with my site but I don’t know what.

A look at my access.log shows that my site is like 60% search engine spiders and 40% people trying to break into my Apache. The fact that my friends were surprised when I told them about something that had been on the front page of my site for two years really says it all that nobody reads it.

Maybe I need to advertise or something. Or get an RSS feed, do people (other than me) still use those?

I thought about doing a post on the anime that I’ve been watching but nobody I know watches or cares about that. Maybe when I’m done watching the series I’m currently watching.

I dunno man, I just wanted to try to post something. Now I’ve got to go to bed for 4 hours so I can spend the next ~16 hours at school because our preliminary design review is in a week and we’re totally behind on everything. This sucks.

Worst thing ever —

kill la kill me.jpg

Happy new year! —

Happy 2015! Hopefully it’s better than 2014. I did nothing to celebrate the new year really.

Apart from that, we have comments now! Now YOU, reading live on your computer, can insult me over the internet, without even needing to send an e-mail.

Oh also my mouse replacement finally got here. Newegg ran out of stock, so they refunded instead of replaced, but didn’t tell me. I bought it like $15 cheaper on Amazon so I actually saved money. It still makes a high-pitched whine, but much quieter, to the point where I don’t notice it. Good enough I guess.

Site backend update —

So I’ve redone the back-end of the site a bit to now run from an SQLite database instead of flat files. The image thumbnails also do this. There’s (hopefully) no noticeable changes to you, if everything went well, but things are easier for me now. Next step I think is to finish making the site totally modular and reusable, to the point where I can publish it and let you guys download it. It’ll be a lot of work, but make things more extensible in the end.

Apart from that I’m on winter break for the next few weeks, so at least it’ll give me something to do. I’ll try to write more posts, I have some ideas for things to ramble on about. I’ve still got posts from 2012 on the front page.

Oh also plain text is gone, maybe back soon. Also RSS feed, I need one of those.

Streaman —

Yo just a heads-up, I’m way more active at streaming than I am at updating this site. You should go follow my channel, I stream there a few times a week. At the very least, I’m doing an OoT speedrun bingo every Saturday with a game of AI War right afterwards.

Oh I also recently got a new keyboard and mouse. My old ones were actually the last parts left over from my very first computer: a Compaq prebuilt from about ten years ago I think. For keyboard I went with Corsair’s K70 RGB with browns. Having a mechanical keyboard is really nice, especially when I go back to a rubber dome keyboard. Apart from that the lights are neat I guess, if a bit overkill for what I needed. I just wanted a mechanical keyboard but without any stupid programmable keys messing up the layout, and this works nicely.

For a mouse I got the SteelSeries Sensei Frost Blue. Here I just wanted a good mouse that didn’t have a bunch of buttons all over the place, didn’t look like some sort of futuristic car, and didn’t have a crappy rubber coating that would wear off and get a gummy. It was nice, but it emitted an annoying high-pitched whine, so I RMA’d it though Newegg and actually haven’t had it for like 2 weeks. Maybe it’ll get here this week, who knows.

I meant to just write a quick stream thing but I guess this got a little long. There’s actually a lot more I want to write and add to the site but it’s late. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

New domain name —

So I bought a new domain name: There’s nothing there yet but at some point there will be.

New Website —

Yo. So as you can see the site has a brand new look, and it’s now running on a custom PHP back-end, no more static HTML!. It also no longer crashes Apache! Oh I’ve also added some new programs to the Projects page, so check that out. I’ll write up a proper news update with what I’ve actually been doing sometime soon. Oh finally, I added all of the old news posts (as much as I could find) dating all the way back to 2007 when this site was founded, so that’s cool.



Rip in peace —

Rip in peace I just got an E-mail from Dyndns (the free DNS provider I use) letting me know that in 30 days they’re shutting down their free domain services. At some point in the near future I’ll be moving to a new domain, I’ll keep you posted.

RIP in peace 2007–2014.

Not dead —

So I had ONE news post in 2013. The problem is I kept telling myself that I was going to overhaul my website, and I should wait until then to write a news post. Only I never did. Anyway I’m still alive, I’ll write a more in depth news post later. Or something.