New site up —

So I’ve dumped Kusaba and handcoded the new site. While Kusaba was great, I just never used any of it’s features. This new site is now all shiny and standards compliant and stuff. So now the site is all nice and neat, as kusaba was filled with bloat and useless files. Not that it really matters anyways, as usual, mostly search engine spiders that read my page.


So this is actually a note from 2014 me. Right here there’s supposed to be a bunch of news updates from the time when my site ran Kusaba. Unfortunately it used MySQL databases which I no longer have (or they’re on some laptop hard drives I’ll have to check). So as much as I’d like to get that part of my site history back, they might just be lost to time…


Oh crap guyse i think i broked my DNS D:


So i got kusaba working ,expect the old site content and look back soon.

Server Trouble —

I’ve been having some trouble with my server recently, and I think I fixed it. It turn out that my antivirus, avast!, was messing with something and giving windows big errors. So it’s removed now and i installed AVG instead. I hope this fixed it and hopefully now it will work. On another note I got Assassins Creed for the 360. It’s good, but the control system can be wierd at times and the story is hard to follow. But you get to drag people into allys and stab them. Fun times.

Rigid Chips —

So craze showed me this game, called Rigid Chips. It’s basically a sandbox/physics simulator that allows you to make a lot of cool stuff. So ive been making this stuff, and put it all on th new page on the left. It has download links for Rigid Chips along with info and a VIDEO!!!!!!!!1!!!ONEONE!!1111ELEVEN. On another note, i did some house cleaning on my server and added some other features to the site. (I have to update this more often)


/ W00t updating by ftp.

No more ip updating —

I’m tired or having to tell ou guys my ip. So, to find it go to start>run and type cmd. In this new window, type “ping”without the quotes It should say my ip in brackets right next to my site name. there, problem solved.

IP —

Also, i have set up a mirror of my site at incase this site goes down.

IP changorz and hacking —

Well, my ip has changed:


On a different note, i have been suspended from school until friday and sentenced for 5 hrs of community service. The reason for this is because i brought my laptop to school with it named THDANL001, just like our tech guy’s. I hooked up to their network, and used software i found on their computers to attempt to control all the computers with Net Support on them. This however, failed because all the comps were pre-connected to the teachers computers. Still, they freaked and are now threataning legal charges :D