Portal 2 —

So I beat Portal 2 yesterday, and I have to say, it’s a really great game! I was going to write more but then I realized, nobody actually reads this. But if you do, go buy Portal 2, it’s way better than Portal. Also today is 420 hurr hurr.

Dead site is dead —

I really need to get around to updating the site more. I mean more then 3 months between updates? That’s terrible.

Windows Seven —

So they put new computers here in the library. They have Windows 7 on them. It’s like Vista except if you removed all the ways to make it not suck. Windows 7 confirmed for worst OS of the year every year.

New look —

Re-did the CSS and such of the site. And once again, people seem to like it.

1:24 AM - FredStonemason: son, i am not dissapoint

Garrysmod Server —

Got SRCDS working and have TWO garrysmod servers up.

Server upgrades —

Server has been moved over to 2.4GHz Hyperthreading Pentium 4 with 1GiB of RAM. Expect game servers or something.

New look —

I redid some stuff on the site, so it looks a little better, and the CSS is redone, but still horrid. I was gonna fully redo it but it was going to be such a pain I decided it works, just leave it. But people seem to like the new look:

9:58 PM - FredStonemason: grid
9:58 PM - moose crap :D: yes
9:58 PM - FredStonemason: i aprove

So yeah, that’s pretty much it. I might get around to adding/updating the pages, top priority is removing the Rigid Chips page, it’s so horrible, and if I’m really not lazy, I’ll redo it.


So I moved the entire site over to HTML 5, which it is now compliant in. The exception is the rigid chips page which has flash, and was done so badly that I didn’t want to finish it.

Nothing new —

So nothing new with this site. Looking at getting Verizon FiOS, the 25/25 mbit connection will be a big improvement over our current 3/768k, and will give me enough upload for fun stuff like a game server, also faster upload then anyone I know. Also updated like every page, including the computers page. Still, it’s still only me that visits this site, a quick look at the access.log confirms that yes, it’s me and search engine spiders.

Update —

So the novelty of the new site kinda wore off, so it’s unlikely that I’ll finish updating all the pages, so for now, the site remains just a place for me to host stuff on my (very) limited bandwidth