YTalbum download

This is a Bash script to download a YouTube playlist, encode it to MP3, and set some metadata. ytalbum --help for usage.


Updated 2/13/2021


I’ve wrote a few userstyles (for use with something like Stylish) to restyle the web. Most of them focus around removing wasted space since the modern web design motive seems to be to have as much whitespace as possible.


Timer Image

It’s a simple GUI timer you can invoke from the command line. run timer /? to list the arguments.


WindowMove 1.1

WindowMove Image

Have a problem with programs not detecting that you’ve changed resolutions or removed a monitor, and now they’re stuck off screen? WindowMove lets you move any window back onto your main monitor where you can access it.

Version 1.1 now (optionally) takes a command line argument and filters against window text and executable name.

Download v1.1

RevSearch 1.0.2

RevSearch is a helper program for using reverse image search tools using a local file on your computer. It will automatically upload the selected image to the selected websites and load the results. If direct upload is not available for a service, it uses for hosting.

RevSearch interface

Download v1.0.2


pngchunk screenshot

Pngchunk is a tool for viewing and extracting embedded PNGs and non-PNG data inside files.



Pepperbet Image

Pepperbet implements a (modified) Glicko rating system for the popular Saltybet website. Download not available (yet).

The Skype Bot

The Skype Bot is a program I made that uses the Skype4COM API to provide a bunch of features to Skype. It provides functionality by sending commands over normal IM messages. It’s very application-specific so no download available. Features include:

If you’re interested in trying him out, add him to your group chat. Skype username is


Modpoke lets you change file modified dates from the command line to the current time. Optionally supply 2nd argument to change to any date (will accept most formats).



MattCoin is the cryptocurrency of the future! Not subject to crashes like Bitcoin and 100% resistant to ASIC!



Fusion Image

Creates images like what you see above. Follow instructions to download.


Splitter Image

Splitter is a little split/lap timer designed mainly for speedrunning video games. Splits can be saved, edited, and loaded to and from .xml files. Runs off of HPET allowing nanosecond-level precision. Fully customizable with fonts, colors, keybinds, pictures, etc.



Disktest Image

Simple disk-testing program.



FireDIR Image

FireDIR is a modern replacement of the 90s program HotDIR. Simple command-line directory listing program. Not a lot of features, but looks nice!


POS Master

POS Master Image

POS Master is a tool designed to make fitting POS (Player Owned Starbases) in Eve Online much simpler. It supports all current normal and faction towers, as well as non-faction modules. It displays shield resistances, fuel requirements, PG/CPU usage, and a few other features. Includes semi-automatic updating system. I haven’t updated it in forever though, so most of the data is out of date I would imagine



Primeary Image

Primeary is a CPU stress testing program that stresses your CPU by computing prime numbers.



Filedate Image

This is a simple program coded in Visual Basic that will take all files in a selected directory that match a filter and rename them to their modified or created date. It’s still a beta so theres lots of bugs to be ironed out that I probably won’t ever get to.