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As you may be able to tell the servers are not back up, SRCDS is still broken. I’ve been trying to get it working but no luck so far. Craze, the creator of Gbots, has some sort of server up for that. I also have uploaded some videos to YouTube, check them out here! Apart from that I don’t have a lot going on, I should make an update worth reading at some point. Like five months without an update man.

We’ve had like way too many lans this past month or two, I think I’ve been to one the past three weekends, so that’s been fun. I’ve also played some video games during this massive updateless time span. I’m still playing though Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It’s a very enjoyable game. Sneaking, good cover mechanics, engaging storyline, I would highly recommend it. Just to note, I have not played the first Deus Ex.

We also played Killing Floor at one of the lans. It’s a zombie surrvival type game set in the UK. Other people seemed to like it but it fell flat to me. No real intresting game mechanics, just shoot zombies, buy guns. It felt like Left 4 Dead but with a lower production budget, definitely below average. I would not recommend it.

At the behest of /r9k/ I ran though a few routes of Katawa Shoujo after it came out. People on places like /v/ will circlejerk over the ‘feels’ from the game I however have to admit that I didn’t break down crying like a man baby from it. It did have a nice emotional storyline and I enjoyed it, and I’d recommend it if you’re into that type of game. Only in hindsight do I realize how wierd the premise of the game seems. Oh I also found this picture that sums it up.

Me and my bros have also been playing Realm of the Mad God. It’s a free browser game, or it has a standalone client on Steam where we played it. It’s described as an MMO bullet hell game. It’s certainly an MMO but not very bullet hell-y. The game mechanics are simple and easy to pick up, but the combination of multiple classes, fast leveling up, and frequent dying (which resets you to level 1 and lets you pick a new class) keeps the content from feeling repetitive. As I said the game is free but there are some ingame items that you can buy with real money. It’s OK, and for it’s price it’s worth checking out.

Next is Kerbal Space Program. It was a free spaceflight simulator where you get to design your own rocket and go flying with real orbital mechanics. I say ‘was’ because it appears that as of the most recent version you now have to purchase it. It’s fun to mess with designs, especially if you’re like me and enjoy realistic spaceflight. If you don’t want to pay money for it I’d recommend Orbiter 2010, a much more realistic free space sim, however it’s not as fun as ‘Frog Simulator’ and it’s more difficult to design your own craft. If you want, the last version I’ve played is still available free at their site as a demo.

I think that’s it for new games I’ve played in the past few months. Of course there’s always been EVE Online, Trouble in Terrorist Town (a Garry’s Mod gamemode), and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. All these games are great and I would recommend them.

In political news Washington State had our Republican presidential caucus yesterday. I’m supporting Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign.

I’ve also been spending time working on my next programming project: DLANShare, a file-sharing program designed for lans. It’s far from done and will be released at some undetermined point in the future. Oh lastly I moved older news posts onto other pages, use the links at the bottom to navigate. There, I managed to make a wall of text news post worth reading.