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2015 in review —

Not too much changed in 2015. I’m still streaming and doing the same stuff for fun, I still don’t have a job, and this website still sucks and crashes all the time. I did make quite a few posts in 2015, which was good. I finally finished the anime I was watching, after like a year or more lol. I also played through a route of The Idolm@ster SP and streamed some of that, I should do more. I’d play some of the other games but I don’t have the console and they’re not translated. I have tons more anime I want to watch but I just never get around to it. Same with games I guess, which is why I stopped buying games on Steam for the most part.

I’ve done some programming on and off, the flight simulator I posted a video of I went ahead and redid from scratch almost. It’s almost done and should be way more extensible once it’s finished.

I started playing lots of CS:GO, a game I’ve wanted to get into for a while. Eternal drama with ranking up and down I guess. I was MG1 for the longest time but now I’m GN3. I’m not too concerned about rank though, it’s just for fun. I stream it tons too so check that out if you’re interested (nobody is).

AI War is kinda on hiatus or something. A few of us were getting kind of tired of it and I guess my friend just opted me out. The rest are doing new campaigns but nobody is streaming that.

I didn’t do anything for the new year really. Chilled at home and drank and ate some good snacks. I think at midnight I was streaming CS:GO surfing.

I guess 2015 wasn’t that good or remarkable, I dunno. I graduated from college with a BS in aerospace engineering, which I guess is an achievement even though it’s been good for nothing, I’m gonna end up having to work at mcdonalds or something lol.

I should do something cool with this site in 2016. We’ll hit 50k hits soon, and the site turns 9-ish years old (I’m not sure when exactly I started it).