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I got a job, thought I should mention that. It’s here in Seattle but I’m not looking forward to the commute times. So at least Google indexbots will read this. Don’t forget to check out my Twitter and Twitch (links on the left).

I thought about redoing the backend of the site (again), I’ve got some ideas but it’ll take some work. I ran into some weird Apache issues but I think I figured them out, conflicts between mod_dir and mod_rewrite. For some reason mod_rewrite rules override mod_dir rules (the DirectorySlash directive) but only in httpd.conf, not in .htaccess. I fixed it by disabling DirectorySlash and wiring a mod_rewrite rule that did the same thing. It’s just pounding out some PHP at this point, I think I can work though it piecemeal.


Greg Tryna Postagain Feb 9, 2017 7:26 pm

Hey we had a class together in high school. I still read your stuff once in a while. Congrats on the job. Lemme know if they have any other openings? I'm moving back to Washington soon and I am looking out for workeroni. It was a class with Autodesk in it. Also please don't wreck my weak little PC.