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AWESOME!!!!!!11!!!1ONEONE —

SOMETHING AWESOME HAPPENED ON THE SCHOOLBUS TODAY. So, today at around 6:35 AM (it was still dark) my bus had just stopped to pick up some kids. So the driver had closed the door and was preparing to continue on our way when a directv van runs into the back of us at full speed with no attempt to stop. Now, us, being in a bus and therfor 10 times bigger then the van, wre just jolted forwards causing many head injuries ,etc. Now for the van, because the bus is so gih on its wheels, the lower frame of the van continued forwards for a few feet while the cabin of the van was crushed against the bus. Also, because it was a directv van, it had a ladder attached to the top of it. However, the ladder broke free and continued thru one of the back windows of the bus. So the bus driver got the cops and medics, they came, about 10 cop cars, 2 aid cars and a fire truck. The worst injuries for the bus people was a severe head bruise and some minor cuts from broken glass. The van driver however, had SEVERE cuts and broke many bones including both legs. Ther is rumour that he died. pics when i get home.

More and full-res images HERE.