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10 thousand hits —

Just noticed a little bit ago that I hit 10,000 hits on my site some time ago. I set up the counter a little while after I redid my site. There’s no filtering or anything, so it just means the main part of the site was loaded 11k times. It’s still mostly search engine bots though, but maybe once a day or so I’ll get someone that doesn’t request robots.txt. I dunno, it’s not like I advertise or anything, but I’m still a little impressed it has this many.

It’s a little more weird that has over 3k, because apart from one link on here I’ve never linked it to anyone. It’s a bit of a silly site though.

Oh also my spring break is over, at least I got a nice week off.

Added userstyles —

I posted some of the userstyles I’ve made to the projects page, maybe you’ll find them useful or something.

Busy —

Man, I remember I wanted to actually start making more posts or something since I upgraded the site, but that hasn’t happened. I’ve been busy with schoolwork for all this aero engineering stuff like 14+ hours a day and I don’t have time to deal with my shitty website that freezes all the time and nobody reads. Also if you know why my Apache freezes all the time and stops responding please let me know, I got nothing. The server itself is rock solid at least, up since Dec 19, 2014, the last time the power went out here.

I guess I stream a bit still, link to my Twitch channel is on the left. I want to like, do something with my site but I don’t know what.

A look at my access.log shows that my site is like 60% search engine spiders and 40% people trying to break into my Apache. The fact that my friends were surprised when I told them about something that had been on the front page of my site for two years really says it all that nobody reads it.

Maybe I need to advertise or something. Or get an RSS feed, do people (other than me) still use those?

I thought about doing a post on the anime that I’ve been watching but nobody I know watches or cares about that. Maybe when I’m done watching the series I’m currently watching.

I dunno man, I just wanted to try to post something. Now I’ve got to go to bed for 4 hours so I can spend the next ~16 hours at school because our preliminary design review is in a week and we’re totally behind on everything. This sucks.