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Independence Day —

So the 4th went well. A friend and I went up to the reservation and spent several hundred dollars on illegal fireworks. I ended up having our whole Skype group over and we lit off fireworks and had a LAN party as well, it was pretty fun. We actually didn’t play that many games. We were in the middle of a match of Garry’s Mod when my Dad came in and let us know that the park just down the road was on fire. So like all 6 of us sprang into action, filled some buckets and ran down there and put the fire out. Some other neighbors also showed up with some fire extinguishers. I guess the story was that some kids were in the park (it was closed) and doing things like mortars without a tube, they split once the fire started. Anyway we got the fire out before the firefighters got there and it was probably the best 4th I’ve had.

The mysterious Goldar Squad firefighting team:

Goldar firefighting squad