New look

Re-did the CSS and such of the site. And once again, people seem to like it.

1:24 AM - FredStonemason: son, i am not dissapoint

Garrysmod Server

Got SRCDS working and have TWO garrysmod servers up.

Server upgrades

Server has been moved over to 2.4GHz Hyperthreading Pentium 4 with 1GiB of RAM. Expect game servers or something.

New look

I redid some stuff on the site, so it looks a little better, and the CSS is redone, but still horrid. I was gonna fully redo it but it was going to be such a pain I decided it works, just leave it. But people seem to like the new look:

9:58 PM - FredStonemason: grid
9:58 PM - moose crap :D: yes
9:58 PM - FredStonemason: i aprove

So yeah, that’s pretty much it. I might get around to adding/updating the pages, top priority is removing the Rigid Chips page, it’s so horrible, and if I’m really not lazy, I’ll redo it.


So I moved the entire site over to HTML 5, which it is now compliant in. The exception is the rigid chips page which has flash, and was done so badly that I didn’t want to finish it.

Nothing new

So nothing new with this site. Looking at getting Verizon FiOS, the 25/25 mbit connection will be a big improvement over our current 3/768k, and will give me enough upload for fun stuff like a game server, also faster upload then anyone I know. Also updated like every page, including the computers page. Still, it’s still only me that visits this site, a quick look at the access.log confirms that yes, it’s me and search engine spiders.


So the novelty of the new site kinda wore off, so it’s unlikely that I’ll finish updating all the pages, so for now, the site remains just a place for me to host stuff on my (very) limited bandwidth

New site up

So I’ve dumped Kusaba and handcoded the new site. While Kusaba was great, I just never used any of it’s features. This new site is now all shiny and standards compliant and stuff. So now the site is all nice and neat, as kusaba was filled with bloat and useless files. Not that it really matters anyways, as usual, mostly search engine spiders that read my page.


So this is actually a note from 2014 me. Right here there’s supposed to be a bunch of news updates from the time when my site ran Kusaba. Unfortunately it used MySQL databases which I no longer have (or they’re on some laptop hard drives I’ll have to check). So as much as I’d like to get that part of my site history back, they might just be lost to time…


Oh crap guyse i think i broked my DNS D: