Gbots server —

As some of you (no one) may have noticed the Gbots server has been down for some time. This is because of some problems in SRCDS that I don’t care enough to find the solution for. It may be back up at some undetermined point in the future.

Web server upgrades —

So I was gonna set up a minecraft server, but this server has only 1GB of ram and I needed to free some up. To make a long story short, the server is now on a manual install of Apache and PHP, instead of a dated copy of XAMPP. Everything’s working fine but the thumbnails on the images page, but I’ll get around that that eventually.

That YouTube video —

So I forgot to post it here, that video I talked about in the last video can be found here. Oh also we lanned, as we do like every other week, except this time I got some cool video of it, so I have to get on editing that up. Lastly, thanks to Big B for being the only person to participate in our user survey. Here’s some interesting user statistics for this site:

Game server changes —

Quick update on game servers. I ditched the gmod sandbox server (ronery boat) because as far as I can tell, nobody really played on it. In it’s place is a Team Fortress 2 24/7 tc_hydro server because I think it’s a really underrated map. You can check it out at Also I have a really cool youtube video coming up here in the next few days of some great trolling with this new uber update. Oh also if you’re super distraught at the fact that I took your favorite server offline, let me know through e-mail at admin at this site’s address.

Continued lack of updates —

So there is a serious lack of updates here. I know you’re all dissapointed, but if you’re reading this you don’t exist, so take that. Apart from that, I graduated, so that’s cool. Also CCP is pulling some mega gay stuff with EVE Online, they’re going to let you buy everything for real cash. I might just cancel my subscriptions over this. Oh also if you read this please send me an email at admin at this site’s address, I’d like some user statistics except I don’t want to use Google’s thing.

Portal 2 —

So I beat Portal 2 yesterday, and I have to say, it’s a really great game! I was going to write more but then I realized, nobody actually reads this. But if you do, go buy Portal 2, it’s way better than Portal. Also today is 420 hurr hurr.

Dead site is dead —

I really need to get around to updating the site more. I mean more then 3 months between updates? That’s terrible.

Windows Seven —

So they put new computers here in the library. They have Windows 7 on them. It’s like Vista except if you removed all the ways to make it not suck. Windows 7 confirmed for worst OS of the year every year.

New look —

Re-did the CSS and such of the site. And once again, people seem to like it.

1:24 AM - FredStonemason: son, i am not dissapoint

Garrysmod Server —

Got SRCDS working and have TWO garrysmod servers up.